How It All Began – About Us


CowboyBBQ is a California-based, family owned and operated business and online bbq store. We offer a line of BBQ Sauces, Relishes and Gourmet Seasonings. John and Julie Bidegain started their lives together farming in Live Oak, California beneath the World’s smallest mountain range, the Sutter Buttes. They worked together for over 40 years, side by side, growing alfalfa mostly and coming up with other ventures to supplement the lean years of farming. They did everything from braided garlic to designing a line of Western iron furniture. If they had an idea, they went for it.

The beginning of the Online BBQ Store

The BBQ part of their venture started when their children were in grammar school and they were in charge of the school’s annual BBQ and carnival. The company was started in the year 2001 by Julie and John Bidegain, in their home, with a single BBQ sauce. Soon they expanded the product line into Relishes and Gourmet seasonings. The complete line of products is being sold in stores, gift shops and restaurants around Northern California, as well as their own online bbq store.

They ended up building a Ferris Wheel BBQ grill to make life easier and crafted the BBQ sauce to go along with it. They became a hit and went on to expand and entered their sauces in cook-offs and other competitions and won awards. It was only a matter of time before they began the process of manufacturing the product line and selling it to the world.



bidegain family

Our  Awards and Achievements:

corn salsa
smokey salty bronc seasoning
sweet and smokey



2016 Chili Pepper Awards
Stafford, Texas
1st place – (Category-Specialty) Corn Salsa
2nd Place – (Category-Cookoff) Gone Fishin’ Seafood Seasoning
2nd Place – (Category – Condiments/Rubs) Gone Fishin’ Seafood Seasoning

2015 Fiery Food Challenge,
Irving, Texas
2nd place-Smokey Salty Bronc Seasoning
(Category-Dry Seasoning/Rub)

2014 Fiery Food Challenge,
Irving, Texas
1st place-Salty Bronc Seasoning
(Category-Dry Seasoning/Rub)
3rd place-Sweet & Smokey Meat Moppin’ Sauce
(Category-Tomato based)

2009 Fiery Food Challenge,
Fort Worth, Texas
1st place- Sweet & Smokey Meat Moppin’ Sauce
(Category- Bourbon Infused)
2nd place- Cranberry-Orange Jalapeno Relish
(Category- Relish)

2005 Fiery Food Challenge
Ft. Worth, Texas
1st place – Sweet & Smokey Meat Moppin’ Sauce
(Best Overall Product)
3rd place- Sweet & Spicy Jalapeño Relish
(Category- Relish)

2005 America’s Zesty Best Food Show
Los Angeles, California
Professional Food Competition
3rd place- Cranberry-Orange Jalapeño Relish
(Category- Relish)