About Us


We have always had the attitude that if we thought of an idea, we were sure we could figure out how to do it even if we had never done it before.

Our venture started when our children were in grammar school. There were always and at that time the biggest school money maker was the annual BBQ and carnival. We were always in charge of the BBQ part. As we would be cooking all day out in the sun, we kept thinking that there had to be an easier way of do it. It wasn’t until our children were out of school, that we came up with a BBQ idea, a simple, indirectly heated, Ferris wheel design BBQ that could be loaded with meatto cook. The rest is history.

In 2005, Chili Pepper Magazine from Fort Worth, Texas, contacted us about advertising their magazine. They told us about the Fiery Food Challenge that was held in Texas and wondered if we would be interesting in entering our sauce.

Our products have won many awards and we are proud to offer them to you!



2015 Fiery Food Challenge,
Irving, Texas
2nd place-Smokey Salty Bronc Seasoning
(Category-Dry Seasoning/Rub)

2014 Fiery Food Challenge,
Irving, Texas

1st place-Salty Bronc Seasoning
(Category-Dry Seasoning/Rub)
3rd place-Sweet & Smokey Meat Moppin’ Sauce
(Category-Tomato based)

2009 Fiery Food Challenge,
Fort Worth, Texas

1st place- Sweet & Smokey Meat Moppin’ Sauce
(Category- Bourbon Infused)
2nd place- Cranberry-Orange Jalapeno Relish
(Category- Relish)

2005 Fiery Food Challenge
Ft. Worth, Texas

1st place – Sweet & Smokey Meat Moppin’ Sauce
(Best Overall Product)
3rd place- Sweet & Spicy Jalapeño Relish
(Category- Relish)

2005 America’s Zesty Best Food Show
Los Angeles, California

Professional Food Competition
3rd place- Cranberry-Orange Jalapeño Relish
(Category- Relish)