BBQ Sauces

Award Winning BBQ Sauce

Our Three time award winning bbq sauce Sweet and Smokey Meat Moppin’ Sauce has a slight smokey sweet flavor with a hint of bourbon. Use as a smokey bbq marinade or ready made marinade sauce for your BBQ creations. It has become the new favorite dip sauce for fries, chicken and beef.

Add some kick with our zest Smokey Jalapeño Meat Moppin’ Sauce that has a mildly hot smoke flavor that can add zest to any BBQ creation. For an out of this world recipe try our Cowboy Pizza using the Jalapeño Moppin’ Sauce.

All of our delicious product add that missing zing to any dish.  Try our Corn Salsa, Jalepeno Relish or our select seasonings for your favorite meat.

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